Paid Search (SEM).


One of the critical factors in online marketing is Paid search or better known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. This is done through paying search engines a fixed dollar amount to display your ads with the search engine results (see image below). The search engine will charge you the fixed amount whenever someone clicks on your ads.

We are ready to prove that we can make more money for you in SEM.

Here’s how the SEM process works:

1. Create a Pay-Per-Click Ad
2. Select keywords & negative keywords
3. Identify geographic locations for ads
4. Create landing pages for Ads if needed
5. Test each element to optimise the Ads for best performance

Compared with other agencies that charge you 20-30% of your advertising budget as their commission on the SEM campaigns they create for you, we only charge for the time spent in setting up and optimizing your campaigns. With Foretec SEO Services, you will enjoy more online profit with minimal cost.

Geographically Targeted Paid Search

Paid search or SEM advertising is perfect for local organic search specifically because geographically targeted campaigns draws the attention of significantly fresh and related leads for more sales in the particular area you like to sell. With this, you are ensured that you will only pay for high quality leads for more chances in boosting your sales.