Website Design & Development Services.

Project Analysis

Enterprises often have a different set of expectations in terms of not only the final product associated with a web design project, but also the process of determining a number of factors involved in the design process. Our analysis focuses on how the web design company determines the scope of a project, the resources to get involved, and the timeline required to meet the needs and expectations of their enterprise-level customers.

Design Analysis

Further analysis is focused on the influences and qualifications of the designers involved in the process of the visual interpretation of the website. Time is spent understanding how the company involves various aspects of a company’s branding practices, internal methodologies, and public message within the design elements of the website. We recommend vendors which have an in-depth understanding of the importance of branding.

Stock Quality

The overall quality of the stock used in design elements is crucial to ensure a higher standard of quality for enterprise web design. While some web design companies opt to use different resources for purchasing images and other stock, enterprise web design companies often involved photographers and other professionals in order to make custom-made stock for use in design and advertising opportunities to match the directives of their clients.

Ease of Access

It is vitally important that marketing and advertising teams within an enterprise have access to the design and development teams of an enterprise web design company to ensure a consistent message and tone is portrayed across all forms of communication. Our analysis identifies how well the professionals of a web design company conduct themselves in communications and accessible they are during business hours in addition to outside hours.